our latest product release is the enterprise “e-commerce auction affiliate”

Our latest product release is the Enterprise “E-commerce Auction Affiliate” Suite scheduled to be released in early July of 2016. This suite consists of three state-of-the-art systems combined or integrated into one. The E-commerce System is built with multi-vendors options, full shopping cart, over 50 payment gateway options, full products management, complete customers management, business reports and much, much more. This state-of-the-art e-commerce system is integrated with the latest release of our Penny Auction System to allow you to not only making money on the e-commerce site but also making money on the auctioning site. The system doesn’t stop there. Both E-commerce System and Auction System are integrated with the Affiliate Marketing System where you can built an army of sale agents to work for you by using the Multi Marketing Tiers (MLS). Think of it as chair with three legs. One for online auctioning, one for online buying and selling and one for online referral marketing. If you can’t make money with this system, it’s certainly not by the technology’s fault because we have pushed it to the limit.